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The grey heron doing me a favour

My garden at night is a no-go zone for humans. I find traces of nocturnal creatures in the morning that leave me wondering. Bits of fruit from trees I don't even have appear half eaten on the grass;. inexplicable holes appear in the lawn.

It's the rainy season and it rained a lot in August. Now my lawn is full of a nasty bug called a gallina ciega, or white worm, that loves the rain and dedicates its life to eating the roots of the grass turning it yellow and ugly. Loath to use chemicals to kill them I use very fine tobacco to send them on their way and it works. An unexpected bonus is that they must come up to the surface to flee the tobacco and consequently they become prey to the bigger birds that frequent my garden. What I hadn't counted on though was that they would attract the grey heron.

I am so thrilled to have a grey heron in my garden. Now I know why the garden in the morning is full of big holes. I assumed that the nocturnal creatures like the tlacuache or the c…

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