Beautiful stunning sunny day

What a fabulous sunny clear day today! And this after 2 days of solid rain and cloud, real English weather actually, but now we're back on track. And what's even better is that it is a national holiday today, Monday, so the sunshine is even more welcome.
We had so much rain that the temperatures dropped dramatically so back came the sweaters and the socks and the extra blanket on the bed. The volcano, el Popo, is stunning covered in snow. I found this photo on Facebook and I hope noone minds me borrowing it to show you the stunning view we have, it's a superb photo.
The national holiday is the celebration of the birth date of Benito Juarez, national Mexican hero, President to the people, etc., and also the equinox, the first day of spring. In line with just about every other country we are now having bank holidays on Mondays wherever possible. In the past, it would have been a fabulous 2 day holiday as everyone used to take an extra day or two. Since it's on a Thursday then the Friday would have been taken; now you can't do that. We are a nation who cannot afford to take extra days off, just when we feel like it, not any more. And Mexico at the moment is a country with a booming economy, so we have to behave ourselves more than we used to.
It'll be Easter soon and there will be a mass exodus to the coast by millions of Mexican families. This is the perfect time to go to Mexico City and drive around in awe at the total lack of traffic, it's truly wonderful. Meanwhile, the Easter holiday is the most important holiday of the year, perfect weather, no rain (in theory) and plenty of beaches to appreciate. We in Cuernavaca tend to hole up, not venture out, as the town will be swarming with loud people, in shorts and bikinis in the supermarket even. Naturally, we would never do that.......!!!!!! The only drag is the noise, the endless parties that people seem to have to have and general drunken behaviour. Fingers crossed my neighbours don't go too wild and keep me awake at night....
My garden is stunning right now, full of bougainvillea and fresh growth in the trees and the plants and the grass and the palm trees. I absolutely love it at this time of year, so many colours, so many shades of green, so clear the air and so loud the birdsong.  How privileged we are.
I'm making black olive bread today, as a trial run for a request for this bread from a friend who has invited me for lunch on Good Friday, in Tepoztlán. He remembered it from way back when and I couldn't find the recipe but fortunately Dan Lepard came to the rescue and I am practicing his recipe. I can smell it now, delicious!


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