Hurricane Barbara

Hurricane Barbara approaches Mexico
The first hurricane of the season has made landfall down south, in the state of Chiapas, also Oaxaca, and it's now moving up the coast towards Guerrero, and the port of Acapulco. 

The media are announcing how people are being evacuated from the coast, schools are closed, civil protection teams are helping out, very heavy rainfall is expected but fortunately the hurricane should start losing force in the next hours. Winds are currently about 75 mph, it certainly could be a lot worse, thank goodness it isn't. Needless to say there has already been one death. People have been warned not to surf on go to the beach, for obvious reasons. However, an American tourist was indeed surfing on huge waves and ended up finishing with her life instead. 

The weather where we are is affected of course. We have been having loads and loads of rain overnight. I went to Mexico City on business both Monday and Tuesday this week and the skies were grey and low with no sunshine at all. Right now as I write this the dark clouds are filling the sky and it will obviously rain more tonight. The frog in my pond is happy, the plants and trees are happy, the farmers who are planting their crops are happy, I am happy as this rain is doing us all good and hopefully filling up the reservoirs and dams.  We need every drop we can get. 

The hurricanes wreak terrible damage and inevitably the people most affected are those with little to their names and who live in poorly constructed housing. They suffer the most every single year and the country normally gears itself up to collect and send huge quantities of food and water and clothes and blankets and anything else useful to the affected areas round the country. It's fine to do that as it responds to an immediate problem but long term the situation can be very dire and the people suffer terribly. Who is going to build their house again? With what money will they be able to replace belongings lost to floods? When will the roads be fixed and the bridges rebuilt? Of course this inevitably becomes a political hot potato and lots of promises are made.... I just hope that the hurricanes this year will not be too destructive.  I can but hope. The first hurricane season for this new president could be an interesting testing ground...


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