It rained last night!

Lluvia de oro (raining gold)
We had rain last night, glorious rain. Not a bad rainfall, at least it made everything wet and the smells this morning from the wet earth and wet trees was divine. Earthy, pungent, sweet, spicy, all sorts of different smells. I went out for a walk last night and it was 34C and unbearably hot but this morning, when I went out for a walk, it was only 17C, so refreshing.

At the moment the trees in flower are the tabachines and the lluvias de oro (gold rain, would be the literal translation) and they are stunning. Here are a few photos of them, that I took last night. I couldn't resist the temptation as I walked past them in the evening light.  They are so beautiful and don't last very long, as they oncoming rains bring wind and the blossom gets blown away quickly.

When it rains here the wind suddenly gets up and thunder and lightening light up the sky, it's a really violent event. I have to go round shutting windows and calm the dogs who hate the claps of thunder as much as I do. The lightening was extraordinary last night, huge stabs of light cracking the sky with great ripping sounds, it's a wild moment. And once the wind has done it's best, littering the garden with rubbish that the trees dump, especially the huge palm tree leaves that come crashing down, the rain starts, the temperature comes down and hallelujah, we have life to celebrate.

At the first sign of wind I light at least one candle as the odds on the electricity going are really high. Needless to say that is what happened last night so I got out my solar light bulbs and solar torch and they were brilliant, as usual. However, a couple of the bulbs didn't work so I have them out in the garden right now, charging. I got them from Nokero, they are absolutely brilliant and have saved me many a time when the electricity goes. is the website. Here are the bulbs you can buy, brilliant for camping or in the garden at any time. They are used mostly though for people in developing countries who do not have access to electricity. They are a godsend, free to charge from the sun, safe to use and no emissions. The name comes from No Kerosene, they ideally replace kerosene lamps which are used widely in African countries, for example.  Pure genius.

Lluvia de oro

Lluvia de oro, varying shades of yellow


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