Rain, rain... keep on raining

my street today, under water

I think it rained all night long, quietly and without the usual thunders and flashes of lightening, and I slept really well. It was raining even harder by the time I left home at 7.30 am and the road was under water and mud, here's the photo I took.

This is wonderful news getting so much rain, so much life-giving water, I thank the universe and tropical storm Barry, which is sending so much rain. It seems that the whole of the southern part of the country is getting wet and some flooding has occurred. Even better news will be the arrival of tropical storm Cosme, hard on the heels of Barry, which will affect the northern states, so desperate for water, so dry and suffering a terrible drought. This is the forecast for next week and it seems that it will continue raining here too.

Needless to say, on my way to work in the rain, there are accidents all over the place on the motorway, in town, on any old street, between cars and macho drivers who push and shove their way around, between taxis, between lorries and cars, and then the typical carambolas, or pile-ups which occur all the time, in the dry, in the wet. 

People drive zig zagging between cars and lanes up the motorway, where the 2 lanes are now grossly overused. Travelling around here is now much more difficult and challenging than a few years ago, it seems everyone has a car nowadays and so there are plenty of fraught drivers and short tempers. It seems only obvious to note here that the number of accidents on the roads of Mexico is extremely high. At the last count - and here I quote the Conapra (Consejo Nacional para la Prevención de Accidentes) - 24,000 people die on the roads each year. And to put this into perspective here's another statistic: during the 6 years of Calderon as President 60,000 people died as a result of organized crime (and this was the number going round the world to frighten people off coming to Mexico) but, and here's the real point, on the roads during that same period of 6 years 140,000 people died on the roads. So, just driving to work each day is a challenge and I breathe a sigh of relief when I get there...

It takes me over half an hour to get to work, between 35 and 40 minutes, and even longer if there is an accident causing all the traffic to back up. The first part of my drive takes me across country through the last remaining rice fields of Cuernavaca. Rice, roses, tomatoes, turf and other crops are cultivated and they lift my heart as I drive past, with the volcanoes to my right and the apantle full of water rushing past on my left. Then I come out onto the motorway and the fun starts, the battle to get past everyone else and arrive first. Well, that's the mentality of too many drivers here. As for me, I just let people push past me and think about how they will arrive probably just one minute ahead of me, no more, no less.

As I write this at home the rain is continuing and the frogs are singing like crazy. Their perfect habitat, and mine too, in a way. I love the rain. 


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