Recycling clothes and books

A weekend spent clearing out cupboards. It's started, the big clear out. I have to sell my house, it's too big, the garden is too big, my costs are too high. I cannot justify a house that is too big for me and a garden that requires a full time gardener. I will never retire if I keep this house, it eats my salary. However, I will cry and cry and cry the day I leave here, this house and garden mean so much to me. The garden is my pride and joy, the house I love and home to me and children and friends and full of good feeling and love and peace. Not to mention books, books and more books. I cannot live without books and will take with me those that I know I will read again or whose words have marked my life. But there is definitely loads that I will be able to get rid of and that has to be good.

A got up late and the sun came out even later, but I managed to do the washing, almost get it dry, and make bread. Although I had to battle with the oven, it freaks me out lighting a gas oven that seems to have a mind of its own and only lights when it wants to. I am terrified of it and am convinced I am going to blow myself up one of these days, but I did manage it, hence the loaf of bread sitting prettily in my kitchen right now!

I have just watched Edward Snowden tell us all why he has become a whistle blower... I wonder how he found the courage to give up his life, what convinced him to do what he did. He is currently flying round the world trying to get to Ecuador where, it is assumed, he will be given asylum. He fears, quite rightly, the might of the USA, they'll get me, he said, wherever I am. Can his actions really save our privacy and freedom of speech? I very much hope so. My trials and tribulations seem trivial to the extreme, in comparison...

Recycling in Mexico is a way of life. In England you give clothes to the Salvation Army or the Oxfam shop; here you give them to your maid or your gardener, or to the local hospital where they are sold for next to nothing and the proceeds used to help people buy medicines for their loved ones. I am turfing out not just clothes but also objects and rugs and goodness only know what else and there is always someone here who needs what you used to need and use. Any books I don't want go to the local English Library here in Cuernavaca where they are much appreciated by the American, Canadian, English and any other nationality people who live in Cuernavaca and want to read in English. Books in English are hard to come by in Mexico, so this library is a marvel. They both lend and sell books.


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