Sunday laughing and playing games


A wonderful Sunday, with great friends, in great company and playing games that always results in argument and much laughter. 

We meet up every so often to play games, any game, from rummy to poker to charades to dominos, and  without fail we argue from beginning to end about the rules, then we change them, then someone gets cross and then we all laugh and so it goes. 
It turns out that we are quite competitive hence the reason for the arguments and crossness but by the end we all end up in a riot of shouting and laughing and it's great as you forget everything and just live in the moment. 

It was my turn, in fact way past my turn, but since I can't do it during the week I have to do it at the weekend and so it took ages for me to organise. Beautiful day, the table laid on the terrace, the sun shining, the temperature perfect, nine of us to enjoy the afternoon. I did 2 lasagnes, one veg and one with salmon, and a green salad, plus blaa rolls...! F and S brought fabulous starters which we had over drinks, J brought an excellent rye loaf she had made, and R the dessert. Tequila, mezcal, wine, beer, lemonade, water, lots of ice and everyone had the drink of their choice and food that was homemade and delicious. This idea of everyone participating in the meal is absolutely excellent as the host, whoever's turn it is, doesn't have to do it all. I was so grateful for the great starters, thank you F and S, to J for the bread and R for the great lemon cake and chocolate chip cookies. Not a lot of Mexican food you might be wondering, which is perfectly true, but at least there were black beans to go with the lasagne. Try it some time, it's delicious. 

We are a mix of nationalities, mexicans of course, then 2 English, one Canadian, 2 American, a real united nations, united I think by our love for Mexico, for our husbands who are all Mexican (altho mine is no longer mine...) and for the climate, the books we share, the food and wine we share, for the friendship which is quite extraordinary. There is not one among us who we would not call in the case of an emergency or ask for a favour, we feel at home with each other and are there to support each and every one. It's truly wonderful. We felt the anguish that L was experiencing after Spain lost to Brazil in the Confederations Cup (football) this afternoon. 3:0 not a good result and we were hoping that Spain might have some good news for a change, but it was not to be. 

Talking of sport, I got up just before 7 am to watch the British Grand Prix, I love Formula 1 and make an effort to watch the races if I can on Sundays. On this occasion the race was marred by punctures, on 5 different cars, and so the race became very unsafe at one point. But they managed to finish it in the end, after several occasions with the safety car, but the expected result changed completely as a result. Pirelli are going to have hell to pay for, they are their tyres, it's a big issue this season. 

Everyone has just gone and I have cleared up the last of the glasses and cups. So easy, since I had my fantastic L to come and help me with all the chores in the kitchen. This is one of the best things about living in Mexico, and I'm not ashamed to admit it, having help in the house and garden. Everyone does, it's the norm and I am so grateful for L and M who help me. 

Sunday night and the week ahead of me, work, work, work... The frogs are croaking away and the rain will probably - hopefully - come later. 


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