The dash for gas beneath rural Britain

There's an article today on the Guardian website about fracking, this is the link:

Fracking the nation: the dash for gas beneath rural Britain

With inland gas reserves said to be enough to meet the UK's needs for 25 years, even the most picturesque of places are being eyed up by prospectors

This photo is from the Guardian website, same link as above

It's a truly shocking article and one that fills me with rage as to what might happen to the glorious British countryside, very soon, not to mention what will happen to our planet...

I was moved to write a comment and, for what it's worth, this is what I wrote:

"I feel that we have to do what we can to stop fracking. I am English but live in Mexico and we are currently being inundated with American firms gearing up for fracking, Canadian firms who are buying rights all over the country to mine for gold and silver and copper, using the open mine method, and we are doing what we can to stop them. Is it possible? We have had positive results at a local level, so far, but the battle is far from over. Also, here they will sell your soul for a few pesos. I believe that standing up for your rights is the way to go, is the right thing to do, is the only thing to do. It isn't just a question of our lives, it's our children's lives, our grandchildren's lives, the lives of future generations. Turning the glorious countryside into wells that poison the land, kill the flora and fauna, kill the animals and YOU, is not an option. The Australians, the Welsh, the British, the Americans and the Canadians have to be stopped. How is it possible for our governments to condone the destruction of our planet? It is beyond my intelligence to understand how so much destruction is necessary to only give the UK 25 years of gas... I just don't understand the logic, and I fear for the country. If you don't believe me watch Gasland, a brilliant documentary of what is happening in the US, please please watch it and find out what's happening:
And just remember what coal mining did to people and communities. I'm sorry, I know there are many people out there who are cynical about this and never unplug their computers but all this is about the future of mankind. The last agreements on how to cut carbon emissions are just a joke, we are having to cope with climate change as best we can; our governments say they are helping to prevent any more damage, when really they are dedicated to speed it up and make it worse. Democracy? What a joke. Is this all about making money? Of course it is. This is totally and utterly unacceptable."


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