A great sporting day

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A big day for sport back in the UK and the big news is that Andy Murray has won the men's title at Wimbledon, 77 years after Fred Perry did it. 

Wonderful to see everyone on the centre court in sunshine and hats and dark glasses, it seems the weather got much better for Wimbledon this year. 

I started the day watching the German GP which was won by Vettel and there were no blowouts this time fortunately. There was an overlap between the GP and Wimbledon starting so I had to switch back and forth between channels for a while. For some reason the major sporting events are commentated by Argentinians over here: on Fox Sports for the F1 and ESPN for the tennis and Mexican commentators don't get a look in. Sometimes the Argentinian accent can be quite challenging. Anyway, it was a great morning and it is the only time that ad breaks are actually quite useful, mainly for dashing to the kitchen for coffee and toast, etc. 

There was one shot which may or may not have been shown on the BBC but certainly on ESPN we got it. There was David Cameron, broad grin on his face, applauding Andy Murray, and behind him Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland and leader of the push for Scotland's independence, looking ecstatic and with an enormous Scottish flag! It was one of those classic live TV moments that wouldn't have had much significance for international audiences but certainly for the Brits it would. Very funny!

When I came to Mexico 22 years ago we were very much more disconnected from all that was happening around the world. There was no internet, no mobile phones, no social media, no automatic international live coverage of major sporting events. When you don't have all this you don't worry about it and you don't look for it but now that it's there it is wonderful to be able to participate from afar and join in the thrill. As Murray was kissing the grass of Centre Court F was calling me to share her excitement with me over his win. Roll on the World Cup when we all get together to support England and Mexico. Fortunately they never seem to have to face each other in the World Cup so hopefully this time round it won't happen either.

The coverage of the Olympics is usually pretty crap here since obviously the attention is on all the Mexican athletes but these last Olympic Games in London it was possible to watch live every single event happening at the same time, on internet. So I was able to see all sorts of events that didn't even see the light of day on Mexican tv. It's amazing how we can see things simultaneously around the world. The world has changed a lot in 22 years, that's for sure. 

Fortunately Andy Murray's triumph has made my day much better than it would have been, since I have a leaking loo and the washing machine has just packed up. Tomorrow I have to buy a new washing machine, the old one has been mended too many times and anyway, it's nearly 22 years old!!!!


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