El Popo in action again


El Popo has been very busy these last few days. The airport is closed again although my friend T did manage to get to Los Angeles today, apparently his plane left 3 minutes before they decided to close the airport early this morning. 

These photos, taken by a plane belonging to the Secretaría de Marina, shows what's going on. Apparently there are fiery bits in there too, and so anything could happen. Ash has been falling in Mexico City and the state of Mexico but fortunately not where I am. The prevailing winds have kept the ash from falling here, hopefully for the duration. Amazing. I saw the volcano this morning, as the sun rose behind it and there it was, puffing away, looking majestic. I was driving at the time so no chance for a photo. Now, it's raining here and the clouds are low so no chance of seeing the volcano again. 


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