More and more rain...

This year I seem to have been caught up in a lot of rain, one way or another. 

I think the reason I am talking so much about the rain is because everyone who knows anything said that this year we wouldn't get much rain, and that we would have a real problem with water through the next dry season. Well, it hasn't worked out like that, I am happy to say, and it's been raining pretty much every day. It rains at different times too so you can get caught out, as I was today. I had been out doing chores at lunchtime today when on my way back to the car these huge drops of water started hurling themselves down on me and I only just made it back into the car before it came down with a fury. Hence the pictures I took just now, one in the street (poor old palm tree) and the other in the garden of our office, where I had to stay in the car until it abated a bit. 

Umbrellas are a bit useless in rain like this. 

Yesterday I was in Mexico City all day for work and had the joy of driving through rain all the way from Polanco, in the centre of Mexico City, to Cuernavaca. It finally only stopped as I was nearing home, where it didn't rain until a bit later. Driving on the motorway in the rain is never a good experience and yesterday was not much fun at all. Up at the top, at the highest point on the motorway, you reach up to just over 3,000 metres above sea level and the temperature drops accordingly. Yesterday at 6 pm it was 9C up there and very wet. 

Meanwhile everyone back home in the UK is jumping for joy because summer has finally arrived and everyone is out there getting a tan. And the papers are writing about how to cope with the heat. I think there must be an assumption that people are stupid and don't know that they should drink water. Obviously for small babies and elderly people it's important to check their intake but really it's a question of common sense. I mean someone even recommended putting their pillow in the fridge so as to sleep better once it was thoroughly chilled through... We don't do anything like that over here and manage to survive.
I found this great photo on the Guardian website, children in London enjoying the water of a fountain, trying to keep cool. 

I would think that the main concern for this type of heatwave is protection from the sun, not to expose yourself too much to the rays, but I suppose that everyone will be comparing their tans. I remember the famous heatwave of 1976 (is that right?) and spending all summer at Surbiton Lagoon, perfecting a deep tan. I was at Kingston Poly at the time, and that's what we did, hang out at the pool. I don't think things have changed that much.

Tropical Britain vs chilly Mexico? Funny old times...


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