Morris the Cat a political candidate

We had elections last weekend. Not where I am, but in other states, roughly in about half the country. They were elections for governor and mayors and deputies, etc., and caused quite a bit of concern in terms of corruption, the buying of votes, violence, counting ballots, the computerised system not working properly, etc. etc. all the usual things. However, there was a candidate in Veracruz that was far from usual: someone had the bright idea of promoting a "candigato" or a cat registered as a candidate for mayor of Xalapa. In fact he wasn't registered, since even in Mexico you can't register a cat for political office, only on Facebook, where his page as Morris el Candigato received 158,000 "likes", as of today. When it came to voting day many people wrote his name in the space on the ballot paper for "others" and it seems that the Candigato got anything up to 12,000 votes, in fact maybe more. Of course the number is being debated but really it's irrelevant. What is important is the number of people showing their displeasure with the choice of candidates in Xalapa. 

The Candigato was reported on the BBC and the story shot round the world. This is yet another reason why Mexico suffers so much in terms of its reputation and people only hear the bad news and the ridiculous news. The Candigato exists to make a very good point but instead of bringing attention to the problems associated with elections here it made Mexico look ridiculous. The BBC needs to do a follow up story; I wonder if it will.


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