My drive home today

Circo Chino de Pekin

What might be considered the norm for us over here might be of interest to you, wherever you might be, as the chances are that what we consider normal here is not at all what you might consider normal there.

On Fridays I leave work early and so I left today at 1.10 pm and decided to take the motorway in order to get home quicker. I had to be at home by 2 pm to take a phone call from a client so the motorway is quicker, especially on Fridays. 
Off I go, first stop the petrol station. Tomorrow the price of petrol will go up as it has been doing every single month for the last 3 or more years. Petrol is now expensive and this in a country where the black gold is practically seeping out of the ground. 
Anyway, on to the motorway and zipping southwards without too much traffic and then suddenly we all slow down to about 20 kph. Why? A procession of vehicles, accompanied by a police escort,  belonging to the Circo Chino de Pekin, a lorry pulling 5 cages, a tiger in each, some lying down and others striding round in circles. Another lorry with fabulous horses and ponies looking quite chirpy and then a car with a loudspeaker inviting us all to the circus. So we all had a look and then sped on. This is common practice when the circus comes to town. I have seen elephants, tigers, lions, acrobats and goodness knows who and what in the most unexpected places...
Then, on the other side of the motorway, heading north, a police vehicle, open at the back with black uniformed police bristling with guns and balaclavas covering their faces. Then another one and then, strangely, a group of 3 overweight policemen trudging along the side of the motorway, on the hard shoulder, rifles over their shoulders. To see policemen without at least 2 wheels under them is strange indeed. They looked sorry for themselves, obviously suffering in the heat and humidity. 
And then I came to my exit and lo and behold, a huge lake of water on the slip road, where I imagine a possible bottomless hole is waiting just for me but in the end I plough my way through the water without anything horrible happening. 
I carry on, I stop for a Coca Cola lorry that was blocking the way, then a couple of minutes later a Pepsi lorry blocking my way. This is a country that would stop without the daily intake of refresco, as all soft drinks are known here. Then onwards and soon I am approaching home, with the view of the volcanoes blocked by black puffy clouds, some of which must be what the Popocatepetl is currently chucking out. 
Now at home and writing this, the client call safely behind me and time for a glass of wine. It's the weekend!!!!!!!


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