Sloshing through the rain in Mexico City

It seems that everywhere else is warmer than here right. In London, for example, it's much hotter than here, a heatwave has hit the country and people have remembered that it's summertime. 

Here it's been raining a lot and right now the day is cloudy and grey, the sun is barely peeping through, my washing drying so slowly... Yesterday I was in Mexico City and suddenly the skies opened and the streets turned into roaring rivers, here are a couple of the photos I managed to take. I was driving up Avenida Insurgentes at the time, at about 6 pm, heading southwards, and the rain came down in bucketloads.  

I gave myself a day out in Mexico City and went shopping. For clothes, where the sales are offering up to 50% discount (which is why I went) and to see a friend's daughter who is a fantastic designer of jewellery in silver and stones, her business is known as MusiBatty. She has set up her shop in a place called Bazar Fusión, which is a house that is full of designers work, not just jewellery but all types of handcrafts. It's really beautiful and a delight to see so much creativity. It's a must for anyone who is visiting Mexico City. I found another friend there, from Cuernavaca, whose husband also designs jewellery, made out of discarded industrial aluminium. I didn't have time to see everything as I was talking so much to J but it was wonderful to finally see the Bazar. 

I had lunch with a friend, A, in an excellent Mexican restaurant called Azul Condesa. Fantastic Mexican food, really delicious, and the specials from the state of Yucatan this month. Lots of tequilas, mezcales, wines, beers, typical dishes but cooked with a lightness that makes them just wonderful. Handmade tortillas, salsa, mole, even venison. Everything we had was delicious, even the vanilla icecream was made with real vanilla. We could have stayed longer and drunk a lot more but we both had long trecks home. Good thing I didn't have to drive! 

A great day, somewhat marred by the idiot who drove into the back of my car. We were all stopped at a red light, it turned green, we were waiting for the car in front to move off but the person behind us didn't or couldn't or wouldn't, so he drove into my rear end. We leapt out of the car and inspected the damage, he said oh sorry, well, it's only light, and so we argued for about 3 minutes and I saw that he had a load of people in his car and so I thought right, no point arguing, let's go. So we did. Stupid idiot. My nice pristine still newish car, now not so pristine... Oh well, such is life. As F said, who I bumped into when I got home, oh don't worry, my car is covered in bumps like that!!!!!!!!!


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