3 day wedding: Day 3 (and 4)

Day 3

It was Saturday, and we started the day with birdwatching. We got up ridiculously early, were made late by everyone trying to find everyone else at different points of the town, and then eventually arrived more or less all together at the destination, a marvellous park called El Charco del Ingenio, which is a botanical garden with a huge collection of cactus and other desert type plants. There are many birds too and so we went with guides who showed us what was what, and we could see them through their telescope and our binoculars, it was really interesting. There were about 15 of us, and I had never been birdwatching before so it was fascinating. 

I managed to only take a photo of a butterfly, and not a bird, but just look how beautiful it is. 

And so the event was a lunch, and no ordinary lunch at that. The groom had decided to roast 3 sheep over a fire, which they did all night long, turning them on spits. 

L (Mexican) with J (Spanish) had offered to do a vegetable paella to accompany the meat and so they headed out early to the market to buy the veg and then set up their fire and a couple of paelleras (pans in which to cook the rice).

It was a relaxing day, nothing formal, and everyone was laid back and having a nice time, doing what they wanted. Some were playing dominos, some reading, some in the swimming pool, others sunbathing. We were drinking whatever we wanted and I ended up playing Kubb with the new Yorkers. This is a great game, it is described as an outdoor Viking game, and it’s really good. Needless to say I was useless at it but it didn’t matter because everyone else was too, but we won!

So we sat down to roast lamb and rice and more wine, it was delicious. The only problem was that the group of people who had gone on a trip, most of them relatives of the groom, were stranded in town as their driver managed to get himself arrested. Why? Because a) he refused to move the bus as he was parked in the wrong place, apparently, and b) because he refused to produce his driving licence. That was enough to get the handcuffs out and he was removed to the local jail. So another bus went out to rescue the group and they arrived really late back at Tierra Adentro and had cold roast lamb and the remains of the rice. Poor things. But, as we said to them, that’s part of the Mexican adventure, you never know what’s going to happen next. They seemed to take it in their stride but I think they were being polite. 

Anyway, another beautiful day, a lot of sad goodbyes and wishing well to all, and then we spent the evening in San Miguel, watched all the mariachis in the main square, had a little supper then back to the hotel to pack ready for an early start back the next morning.

Day 4

We had breakfast in Queretaro with C and her brother, she was flying back to Cancun from there. We three carried on and managed to get back to Cuernavaca early afternoon. We arrived and immediately felt the tiredness flowing in. What a great weekend, very intense, very emotional, a truly wonderful experience with wonderful friends. As we said to the Americans no, this is not a normal wedding for us. Usually in Mexico they are just a one day event and this wedding was exceptional, in every sense.  We wish the bride and the groom much happiness. 


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