No internet

Telmex modem

We had a massive storm on Saturday night, solid thunder and lightening for about half an hour or so, and very heavy rain. Great claps of thunder shaking the windows in the house and enormous electric stabs of lightening. My poor dogs didn’t know what to do with themselves. The little one Jack is deaf but I think he feels the thunder much more than when he could hear properly. The same thing happens with the fireworks that are always going off. The colonia just behind us is called 28 de agosto for some reason which means that come Tuesday night and all of Wednesday the cuetes will drive my poor dogs mad, and keep us all from sleeping.

Anyway, the storm on Saturday did my modem in so I have no Internet. What you have to do when there is a storm is disconnect everything. It is now a habit of mine to unplug the television, the washing machine and everything else that is expensive to replace, pretty much every single thing I have that is electronic (except for the fridge, for obvious reasons. I did once have the motor burn out but that was years ago, things are now slightly better) including of course the modem. But it just so happened that I had the modem connected, I was using the computer, and when the storm started I just wasn’t quick enough to unplug it. I am so annoyed. I have got through so many cordless phones for the same reason that I no longer use them. For years now my phones are the old fashioned non-electric ones, which have served me well. There’s something to be said for old-fashioned habits… 

Anyway, a long phone call (my phone line is fine) to Telmex on Sunday morning and an effort to see if my laptop had an inbuilt modem. It doesn’t. So I had to go round to my dear neighbours R and E to connect to their Internet to be able to send my weekly article off. Thank you guys!!! So, in theory, I will have a new modem delivered to my house between 24 and 72 hours. I crossed my fingers, although without much hope, for it to arrive yesterday, Monday, since I was working at home all day. Needless to say, nothing has shown up yet, not even today. I have high hopes that it will arrive tomorrow, Wednesday. Time will tell.

Anyway, so back to Saturday, I was writing this in expectation to upload it but have not been able to until today, Tuesday. I spent the rest of Saturday – wait for this – listening to the live coverage of the last day of the last Test of the Ashes, on the BBC Sport app, which I have on my iPhone. I love it, I was transported to England and enjoying every comment.  It got very exciting since England had to bat and get as many runs as possible in a short amount of time and overs, in order to beat Australia. The Ashes have already been won by England, they are up 3:0 in the series but it would have been nice for the score to be 4:0!  Two days before they were scoring as slowly as possible, on purpose. Then it rained on the 4th day and no play and then they had to chase Australia looking for as many runs as possible. It’s all about strategy; no wonder people think cricket is crazy. In the end, I can report, bad light stopped play when England only had to get 21 runs to win. Instead it was a draw. Needless to say the fans were furious and the umpires not popular with anyone anywhere. 

The rest of my weekend was spent watching the rain, making bread, comforting my poor damp dogs, watching the Belgian Grand Prix and a couple of movies, and reading. I am reading Martin Amis' Experience, again, so very interesting. 


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