Beautiful day!

My garden bench, now completely taken
over by the plants, I can no longer sit there!

A beautiful, beautiful morning today. So wonderful to finally see clear skies and sunshine! Everyone is talking about it as we haven’t really seen the sun for nearly three weeks, unbelieveable. And the volcano looked stunning at 7.30 this morning, perfectly outlined by the sun rising behind it and a long fumarole heading off into the distance. In fact it is so clear you can see for miles, the mountains that surround us, even the motorway climbing up the mountains on the way to Mexico City.

It turns out that this month so far has been the wettest September since 1955, and the quantity of rainfall has been astonishing. This is why I’ve been going on and on about the rain recently, and of course in connection with the two massive storms we had. It really feels like autumn though, today, since we have sunshine and lower temperatures and so we are definitely getting towards the end of the rainy season. That’s not to say that another storm won’t form, it may be that we have more storms to cope with but at least we can see the end of it all. Even the first cempazuchitl and Day of the Dead flowers are appearing in the nurseries, soon we will be eating pan de muerto (or dead bread!) and putting up our altars.

However, there is still bad news coming out of Acapulco. It has rained and rained so much again that there is new flooding and more people having to be evacuated. We are still not quite yet at the end of September and more rain is expected. We shall probably find that records will show this September to be the wettest yet. Meanwhile, the IPCC (Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change), part of the United Nations, is releasing its 6 yearly report on climate change. An advance of the information is that “with 95% certainty, humans are the dominant cause of global warming since the 1950s” ( Let’s hope that this time round governments the world over will now begin to take action, but is it too late? The flooding has been awful this year, not just here in Mexico, but in many other countries round the world. Plus the temperature of the oceans has risen, contributing to the high rate of ice melt in the Arctic, which means coasts are threatened more than ever. With rising sea levels and the higher probability of violent storms becoming the norm, many coastal communities are at high risk. Acapulco is not the only place to be wary of the future. 

So, I am looking forward to this weekend more than the last couple because it seems we might have sunshine!


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