Birds and butterflies

I was sitting at my desk writing the previous post about the book club when there was a huge racket outside and I discovered three of these yellow birds, permanent residents of my garden, arguing about the seeds on the palm trees. I managed to get this shot from inside the house of the last one to fly off in disgust at the interruption. 

I can never remember the name of these birds but they are beautiful and very noisy at times. 

I went outside then to see what else was going on and discovered the butterflies on the calendulas, they love them. There were bees and flies too but the butterflies are more beautiful and I was able to get a few of them on camera.   Here they are.

Of course I have no idea of their names or species but just seeing them fly so elegantly is a joy. 

This one looks more like a moth, but it isn't. It's just another butterfly!

And this one, a delicate yellow.

And this last one, even more mothlike. They all inhabit my garden, while the calendulas are in flower... Welcome to one and all.


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