Day in Mexico City

Castillo de Chapultepec 

I went to Mexico City yesterday, early. It took me 2 hours 40 minutes to get to my first appointment. An hour and 5 minutes from my house to Mexico City and then the fun began. This was my journey: fast on the motorway to the toll, 40 minutes to get on the Periferico, another 15 to get up on to the 2nd floor. 20 minutes flying along the second floor to cross the city, 40 minutes to get off it…. Another 20 minutes to get to my destination, park the car and walk 2 minutes to the office. I got there on time. First triumph of the day. The prize? An extraordinary view from the office of the person I was visiting, of the Chapultepec castle, surrounded by green trees. It did not feel like I was in the big city. What a privilege having that view all day and every day. The photo above is exactly what he sees.

Coming down from the heights into Mexico City I realised that the view was completely obscured by air pollution. I descended into a soupy viscous grey greeny brownish atmosphere and thought, oh my God, what am I doing here? Once down into the city the murkiness lifted and clouds were visible, even patches here and there of blue sky, but in general the day was chilly and dull.

World Trade Center 
The teachers are still marching and closing down different parts of the city every day but fortunately I didn’t get on so badly. I went from my first appointment to the second heading south to the World Trade Center, the building is an icon of the city,  and that was fine. Second triumph of the day. However, the only major disaster of the day was trying to find my car in the depths below the WTC later on. I got the wrong floor and had to traipse around trying to find my car, which, I discovered, just happens to be the same colour and roughly the same size as just about every other car in the car park. A very sweet employee helped me and kept me going. I said to her well, this certainly shows up my age and she said, oh no! You’d be surprised how many people lose their cars in this car park. She certainly cheered me up and I didn’t feel quite such a fool. I practically kissed her when I did eventually find my car!!!!!!

From there another hour sitting in traffic trying to go south down Avenida Insurgentes, the longest street in Mexico City, and eventually got past whatever was causing the blockage, had some lunch at VIPS, and headed back to Cuernavaca. I was literally 10 minutes from the turn off to the office when I drove into a wall of torrential rain. It absolutely poured down with thunder and lightening and very little visibility. I got to the office, the electricity had, naturally, gone and so I couldn’t open the gate. I sat in the car for 10 minutes then got bored and made a run for it into the office. Third triumph of the day.
There were torrents of water everywhere. It then rained most of the night. Good!  We desperately need our dams to fill up, they are still only just over half full.

So, in short, I left home at 7.20 am, I got to the office by 5 pm, I got home by 8 pm. A helluva day.


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