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My garden in the mist

Today is another gloomy day. I got up before 7 am to watch the Singapore Grand Prix (yes, I love Formula 1!) and as the light began to creep in the garden was revealed to be full of mist. It was beautiful, misty and mystical at once. It’s not often that I see my garden like that, but there is so much moisture that it’s inevitable as the day dawns. Of course it didn’t last long but I did try and take a photo (not very good) to give you an idea.

So the hurricanes and storms have moved on and the world has moved on to the next disaster, the killings in Kenya, accidents here and there, etc. but the disaster here is still being felt really badly by thousands and thousands of people all over Mexico. The motorway from Acapulco opened up again on Friday and people began to drive back. Plus there were hundreds of buses laid on free of charge for those who had no other alternative. The water is subsiding in the flooded areas but not quickly since it keeps on raining. The 68 people who were washed away by an avalanche of mud and water in a tiny village called La Pinata, in the state of Guerrero, have now been declared dead. There is no sign of them and not much of the village remains. Many towns and villages are still cut off and without clean water and food and the emergency supplies are slow to arrive, in some cases where it is very difficult to get through to the inhabitants. Meanwhile more bad weather is on its way, including the first cold front of the season and the temperatures are going to be lower and there is even a threat of hail in the northern states. So people without homes are having to camp in communal centres and it is very difficult indeed. Of course electricity supplies have been affected, Internet and cell phone signals are very intermittent and there is fear of illness. (state of Jalisco)
Meanwhile the teachers are marching in the city again, and a political party called Morena is too. What a mess. Meanwhile the President and his wife have been flying from one place of disaster to the next, pumping hands and offering comfort as well as promising instant economic help with the reconstruction of houses, water supplies, roads, etc. etc. Who knows when that will happen….

As for me, well, with so much rain and dull skies it is time to do domestic stuff, like making marmalade and bread and doing the washing. My heart goes out to the people who can’t do simple things like that and who have little food and water. The only thing we can do is donate what’s needed most to the Red Cross who are collecting huge quantities of food, water, medicines, etc., and delivering them to the communities that most need them.

organising food at the Red Cross


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