Rain, rain and yet more rain...

the two storms, as of today
El Universal newspaper

We are being bashed by two tropical storms, one that has now become a hurricane called Ingrid on the east coast and the other known as Manuel on the Pacific coast. Both are bringing massive amounts of rain to most of the country and here it has not stopped raining for the last 3 days. 

I had my birthday lunch inside yesterday, which is something that rarely happens. I can't remember the last time I had to set up the table inside, but it was fun, if for no other reason than for the novelty. I had a lovely time...

My garden has a big puddle in it, herewith the photo this morning, and everywhere is sodden through and through. 

However, the orchids are happy and look what opened up on the 13th, just for me. 

The rainfall has to be seen as good, since the reservoirs of the state of Morelos were only just half full. We desperately need the rain so that we won't have any problems during the dry season.  However, there are thousands of people suffering the consequences, down in Chilpancingo, the capital of the state of Guerrero, in Veracruz as well, in fact all over the place flooding is occurring, houses are being washed away, even people have lost their lives. Rivers are overflowing and in some parts the roads have been washed away. For the poor their houses are those that are not well built and which suffer the most, it is truly awful. There is no doubt that climate change has a lot to answer for. 

Meanwhile, it's 15 September and the show must go on, rain or no rain. The "Viva México" grito will naturally go ahead. As for me, I'm off out to a patriotic lunch!!!


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