Autumn and Muertos

The girls are out and busy, gossiping, drinking and smoking.....
The hurricanes have died down, the weather has returned to normal, we have sunny days and the nights are chilly, and the clocks changed last night. So all's well as we head to Día de Muertos next weekend, followed fast by Christmas. Another year gone, amazing how quickly 2013 has gone by. A sign of my age, I suppose.

These two ladies are my stalwarts every year. On the left we have a clay model, beautifully crafted and painted, to show a lady in all her finery, while on the right we have another but made out of paper, and papier maché plus feathers, lace, even an umbrella, as well as other details to show how beautiful she is. They are happily gossiping, catching up on events over the last year, and ready to do duty on my altar this year. 

Pancho has gone on a trip, to the altar at the office and will no doubt come back next week full of new gossip for the girls to get their teeth into. Meanwhile though, we have another skeleton, a bit beaten up and tired, but here he is... the ladies are a bit scathing about him.

So as the days are shorter and the nights longer we tend to stay indoors for longer. I, for one, hate these short days and absolutely hate driving home at night in the dark after work, but I will just have to grin and bear it. The other night I came back from Mexico City really really late, after an event, and picked up my car from the office. I got a taxi to drive back with me to my house. I got home at just before midnight with the taxi glued to my rear end, I was so grateful to the taxi driver. Better to be safe than sorry... I think taxi drivers are so brave, I really do, they seem to cope with every eventuality but I would rather not. 

Anyway, here are the girls in all their glory. Roll on Día de Muertos!


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