Holes in the roads and cempazuchitl


The roads have fallen apart completely. After all the rain in September, thanks to the storms Ingrid and Manuel, the final hurricane Raymond did them in completely. Before, we could go round the bigger holes but now they are so big and so deep it gets more and more difficult avoiding them and so there is a very slow procession of cars going over and through huge holes, trying to avoid damage to tyres and other parts of the car. 

This morning, however, was so beautiful, bright sunshine and the countryside covered in wild yellow flowers, and the time spent waiting to navigate the holes gave me the chance to appreciate the snow covered volcano puffing away gently in the distance. These dry chilly mornings mean that we have wonderful clear days where we can see for miles. 

The motorway has managed to hold up under so much rain, at least the part I have to use each day, but the exit and entry roads are absolutely appalling! There is a massive need for repaving many a road but since there is no money in the pot, apparently, according to the governor, then we shall just have to put up with it. Every road I use is partly patched up (from previous years) and partly destroyed; there is no part that you can just drive along smoothly. A smooth ride is a dream these days. Even the second floor of the Periferico in Mexico City is full of holes, and that's a new road.

The countryside is turning yellow, the fields of cempazuchitl are slowly becoming full of orange flowers and very soon they will be picked so that people can buy what they need for their Day of the Dead altars this weekend. Despite the holes everywhere and the bumpy journeys we are all enforced to make each day the end of the rainy season is wonderful in its abundance. The earth is giving us colour and life, the sun is shining and we are thankful for it. Everyone came into work in a good mood this morning, the sunshine lifts our hearts. 



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