Hurricane Raymond 

I thought that the rainy season was coming to a close, but it seems not. It started to pelt down with rain on Saturday evening and didn’t let up until the early hours of Sunday. I couldn’t believe it but then realised that there is yet another hurricane, called Raymond, or Raymundo here in Mexico. It’s a category 3 hurricane, i.e. very serious indeed and everyone is watching it closely, since it’s heading for the coasts of Guerrero and Michoacán, which means Acapulco is once again in the route of the storm. In fact, they have started evacuating people again. How awful for them, they are far from getting their lives back in order since the last hurricane.

The rain in Cuernavaca is a direct result of this hurricane, which collided with a cold front coming down from the north and we got the winds and the rain. A lot of rain, inches in fact. And we will continue to get rain while this hurricane remains hanging around.  I woke up at 4.30 am on Sunday and heard the rain still pouring down and was worried because I had to go to Mexico City on Sunday. Fortunately, by the time I got up at about 7.30 the rain had stopped and I was lucky to have a calm and peaceful trip into the city. I had to go and deliver something to Expansión magazine, the most important business mag in Mexico, and hopefully we will be receiving some decent coverage if it all works out well. 

I took the advantage to do a bit of clothes shopping while I was there and braved the huge crowds of Perisur, the large shopping centre that is the most convenient for us from Cuernavaca. It was like Christmas, I couldn’t believe it. I lasted an hour and then fled home, getting back just in time for lunch (3 pm, Mexican lunchtime if you didn’t know). I was happy to sit peacefully in my garden with my dogs and read my book for the afternoon. A little sun, not very warm, but lovely all the same and at least it didn’t rain any more. 


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