Fracking the UK

I received the most appalling news from the UK on the terrible subject of fracking. 

In the Guardian yesterday I read that “fracking companies (are) entitled to licences on more than 60% land” which is a truly shocking piece of information. If all the licences are put into action then thousands and thousands of wells will be drilled and dozens of tankers will crowd and contaminate the roads and lanes. The implications are far worse than that; the consequences are hideous to contemplate. You only have to watch the documentary called Gasland to understand exactly what will happen. Here’s the link to the webpage: Apparently there is now a second documentary, part II on the same subject, which I haven’t seen yet. I just saw the original one and it left me reeling.

If you need to find out if where you live (in the UK) is in one of the red spots then visit and you will find out very quickly if you are in a good or bad spot in the country. About 22,000 people have already signed up and it would be good if everyone did. How is it possible that governments are hellbent on killing us? Why are they so stupid? It’s not just the UK government, it’s every government.

I feel so strongly about fracking, it’s something that is happening all over the world. Here in Mexico we have what is known to be the 4th largest reserve of natural gas so it’s happening here too. But we don’t have organisations like Wrong Move, we can demonstrate and write to the authorities but we are doomed. We have the new energy reform and there is nothing in there, nothing at all, on the development of renewable energy. It is so utterly depressing.

I worry about us, about the future generations, about the ecosystems, about animals, plants, insects, trees and water. Yes, our water will be severely threatened as the dreadful chemicals they inject into the ground to get at the gas stay down there and seep into the water tables. People will get sick, will be unable to work, maybe even die. Animals will get poisoned, rivers will die as the fish die and the plants and trees will be affected too.

Human stupidity knows no bounds. It’s all about money, it’s all about getting at oil, coal, gas and anything else that we can lay our hands on and burn, emitting yet more poisonous gases into the atmosphere, causing global warming and climate change. Our stupidity means that we are putting at risk life on this planet by the end of this century. The ice is melting so fast, the massive reserves of methane gas kept locked under the ice cap is now escaping. Our emissions are rising, our planet is heating up, the seas rising and hope failing. 

If you never saw Age of Stupid then you should: It’s up to us to be informed and act to stop all this stupidity. 

We have to do something now or it will be too late. It might already be too late...


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