More orchids flowering in my garden

I have 2 sorts of orchids flowering at the moment so I took some photos of them to share with you all. The orange ones on the left are quiet and unassuming but the yellowy one is grandiose and stunning. Here's another couple of photos of the yellow one up close…

They are really so beautiful. They throw out a long stem and slowly the buds form and after what seems like ages they begin to open, slowly revealing their beauty and delicateness. In this photo you can see fully open flowers and others just opening. 

Needless to say I have no idea of their names, they are just "orchids" and really it doesn't matter. The thing is to enjoy them, appreciate them, and to realise how much the Earth gives us. It's like receiving a prize. 

Here's another one 
of the orange orchid…
Also beautiful in a 
completely different 
way, delicate too and a beautiful shade of rich orange.
These are hard not 
to see!


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