My garden on Christmas Day 2013

Beautiful fresh naranjitas (little oranges) ready for turning into marmalade

Lots of things going on in my garden today, Christmas Day. I hope everyone is having a good day, with good cheer and plenty to eat and drink. I am off out in an hour to celebrate with friends, wonderful!

I just thought I would share what my garden looks like today, unlike any European garden, that's for sure, and totally alien to English gardens.

A great crack, a creak and then an enormous crash and down came this palm leaf.
Don't forget to never sit beneath a palm tree...

and this is the palm tree that it fell from….

like a fan this palm…..

a fern, with lots of new leaves unfurling

heliocondas, a cousin of the birds of paradise, beautiful extraordinary flowers

stunning bougainvillea, of course, all year round

cuerno de venado (deer's antlers), a beautiful hanging plant that throws out new leaves from
this stunningly designed base


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