Spiders, cobwebs and nochebuenas

There are all types of spiders all over my garden and house. I keep walking into their cobwebs, so thin and delicate that you can just destroy them in a second. The great thing is that the spiders just get right back to work and start spinning again. Their webs always seem to be at face level so I'm forever having to unwrap the threads from my face and ears and hair. 

This is one that is busy spinning in the garden, he's beautiful and very one track minded. Spinning to eat, eating to spin. Somewhere along the line he must be reproducing as well. Now there's no rain the spider is the king of my garden. 

It's getting closer and closer to Christmas so last weekend I went and bought the traditional nochebuenas, or poinsettias as they are known in English. They are so beautiful. They are grown here in Morelos in their hundreds of thousands and sold all over the country. I got some just 10 minutes away, direct from the producer and they are truly beautiful. They last until past Christmas and then I plant them in my garden. Some survive, others don't, but it's worth trying as they flower every year, the plant getting taller and thinner and more wild looking, as they originally must have been. 

Here is one that I bought, it's stunning. It cost $50 pesos, or a couple of quid, that's all. I bought several and put a couple inside the house and the others outside on the terrace and in the front of the house. It's looking very festive.


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