Cold front no. 24

It has been really cold here these last few days. 

The incredible freezing conditions experienced in Canada and the US have filtered down to us and we are bundled up in scarves and coats and sweaters and boots as if this were England. But without any heating. 
Cold Front no. 24 is what’s creating the cold weather in Mexico at the moment, with really low temperatures up north, in Chihuahua and other states.

Last night the low here in Cuernavaca was 6C so we are feeling chilly. Fortunately the sun comes out during the day, although it didn’t yesterday, and so everything usually warms up. However, the houses here are built for heat not cold and so they are really cold. We all have cold floors and big windows so keeping warm is hard when you are working or sitting around and not doing any kind of exercise, or cooking or something. We go outside to warm up!

Needless to say it is the poor who suffer the most when the weather is cold or wet and so it’s normal for state governments to hand out blankets and other things so that people don’t literally freeze. There are so many really poor people in Mexico and some live in such poor conditions, houses made out of wood or plastic, that the cold weather is really really tough on them and their families.

Meanwhile there is a huge political scandal because the young governor of the state of Chiapas, commonly described as the poorest state in the country, has spent a whopping 10 million dollars (yes dollars, not pesos) on an advertising campaign featuring himself and his work over the last year (his first year as governor) not just in Chiapas but in the entire country. Naturally he is at the receiving end of intense criticism and this posturing is seen as an early announcement of his intention of one day being President. Plus ça change…


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