Holidays are over. All the best for 2014! 

All good things come to an end and my long awaited holiday has finished and I am at work again today. I would have loved more time off but I enjoyed what I did take enormously and feel much refreshed. I hope everyone has a very happy, successful, peaceful, safe, healthy and ecological year.

I had a very quiet new year's eve, which was fine as I really don't bother to celebrate it much any more, I took the day for me and was perfectly happy. The only thing wrong was the neighbour's carousing which really was awful. At midnight they started with the karaoke and they didn't stop singing until 8.30 am; there must have been about 50 people in the garden just the other side of my wall. Oh well, it was new year's eve so I can hardly complain. I succeeded in being philosophical about it all, in fact I intend to cope with all adversity this year with philosophy and tolerance. Ha!

So what do we have ahead of us in 2014? 
Work, work and more work. 
Ecological challenges, life challenges, battles to save the Arctic and stop the drilling, undoubtedly violent climate events, hurricanes and flooding and the like, volcanic eruptions, maybe even an earthquake or two….. a bit of an unknown quantity but some or all of that will happen. 
On the upside we have the Winter Olympics, the World Cup and other sporting events which will be interesting. The Ashes have returned to Australia, England has been roundly beaten and will soon be going home to thrash out what went wrong. 
I hope to visit the UK at some stage this year and catch up with everyone in London, York and Scotland. 
Some people will die, lots of babies will be born. Life goes on so it's up to us to enjoy it, live in the present and be as happy as possible. 

I intend to carry on enjoying my house and garden, my life here in Cuernavaca, Mexico, my friends, my work, and all will be well as long as we look after ourselves and each other. 

Happy new year, everyone!


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