Photos of Mexico City: centre, December 2013

This is the cathedral, the back of it.
The front faces the zócalo (main square) which is full of people
skating on the ice rink and tobogganing down the ice toboggan....
You can just see the Christmas tree on the right, donated very generously by Coca Cola........

I took quite a lot of photos of the centre when we went to Mexico City the other day and so I thought they might be interesting to share with you all. Mexico City is enormous, it's vital, it's always busy, it has tons of people in it, it's always on the go, and it's always full and the traffic is awful. But it's fascinating, wonderful, colonial in places, busy, it is a way of life, there are waves of people crossing the streets and shopping, eating, watching, seeing, complaining.... It's life in Mexico City!

Tacos al pastor, ready and waiting. Note the basket full of tiny tortillas that will be the recipients of the pastor and tiny pieces of pineapple, absolutely delicious... Note the wooden platform on which the server stands, it gives him a little lift up and makes his life easier.... By the demeanour of the waiters it's before the rush, but the pastor will disappear during the lunch hour, for sure.

Colonial buildings. The grey one was empty and abandoned to who knows what fate,
but just look at the ironwork on the balconies....

Suddenly, a green wall, a wall full of plants, right in the centre of the city. There are lots of green walls, when you start looking for them in the city. The plants giving off oxygen, and absorb the carbon emissions.

A taxi, of sorts. It's actually a bicycle and can fit a couple of people in it, as well as an awful lot of luggage. We saw one that deposited 2 people, hugely overweight, with a ton of baggage and boxes.
The taxi driver/cyclist looked exhausted!


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