Squash and tequila

my friend R's wonderful lavender
I went up to the UAEM campus last Thursday to stock up on vegetables and to my delight I saw that they finally had butternut squash. I bought nearly all of them so that I could share them with my two friends, R and F, who love them as much as I do. 

They are so difficult to get hold of. 

This is what R wrote when I sent them round to her house on Friday morning:

Well, the squash put a big smile on my face!  I have them sitting on the kitchen table so I can enjoy them more!  I definitely will try planting the seeds, maybe pretty soon as I think they take quite awhile to mature.   We have quite a few big lavender plants right now in the vegetable garden and about 30 beautiful, little white butterflies that must love the smell because they flutter (literally flutter and hardly rest) all day.  And that is a joy to see!  The lavender also attracts bees which makes me feel I'm helping the environment.  If you'd like to come around and peek, I'd love to share.

So you see it’s not just me who takes such delight from my garden and the bugs and plants; we’re all a bit like that!

you can see a few of the white butterflies here, darting about
Anyway, on Saturday I did go round to see the lavender in R’s garden, right next door in fact, and it was full of white and yellow butterflies and bumble bees. It was an incredible scene of colour and energy, the butterflies incessantly bobbing about and hardly alighting for more than a second anywhere, and the bees darting from lavender flower to the next. I tried to take some photos and here they are but they do not do justice to the scene, at all.

I had also taken over some naranjitas, the little tiny bittersweet oranges, and so we then sat down to a tequila, naturally, accompanied by the naranjitas, salt, peanuts and hummus and enjoyed ourselves putting the world to rights. So the best photo of all is this one, of our tequila!!!

tequila, naranjitos, salt, peanuts, hummus and the famous butternut squash! ah and roses freshly cut...

I would have put these photos on the blog sooner but the internet connection in my house is pathetic and wouldn't let me do anything, barely even to send an email. Hence all this today, Monday, when I am at work.


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