Dreadful storms in the West Country (UK)

Porthleven, Cornwall
It really doesn’t matter where I am but I feel really bad whenever something awful happens back in the UK. I can’t help it. I keep seeing photos on the BBC and Guardian websites of the dreadful storms battering the southwestern parts of England and feel dismayed. I am looking at waves that are bashing into coastal villages, homes, churches, cars, people, roads and now even the destruction of a part of the railway line in Dawlish. The pictures of so much land under water, the reports on having to rescue cows and pigs and horses from the moors, the faces of the people having to put up with not just one unusual storm but a whole series of them.

Of course this is climate change, of course this has to do with what we are all doing to this planet of ours. The sea levels are rising as the glaciers in the Arctic melt, the storms are becoming ever more violent and furious, the erosion of coastlines is a constant threat. I have friends who have a house very near the coast in Devon, I have been there countless times and the cliff edge is creeping closer all the time. I am seeing photos of beautiful villages that I used to visit in Cornwall and Devon as a child. It makes me nostalgic, sad and furious, all at the same time.

Sennen Cove, Cornwall

These waves are huge. People are even surfing them. How many times have I sat in a pub in the village, in the sunshine, enjoying the tranquillity and peace of a beautiful Cornish village? The government is going to have to move and move fast to ensure the safety of the people whose lives have always been on these coasts. 

Being in Mexico does not mean that I don't feel the pain of the people back home. And yes, I do still refer to England as home, I can't help it.


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