Photo Essay: travelling on the 2nd floor of the Periferico to Polanco, México City

Up on the 2nd floor of the Periferico in Mexico City, on the free section so quite a bit of traffic here.
I was in Mexico City on Tuesday and Wednesday. I had a ghastly trip on Tuesday meeting up with a demonstration in Cuernavaca, which was blocking the entrance on to the motorway, and then later, much later, endless delays and blockages across Mexico City. I think everyone seems to return in a foul mood after a long weekend and the traffic chaos was awful. Anyway, I got there and flew back so all well.

On Wednesday I went again but this time I wasn’t driving so was able to take photos up on the 2nd floor of the Periferico, our fastest way to the area called Polanco in Mexico City. Here they are…

You pay the first part as you get on the 2nd floor, then whizz along at a maximum speed limit of 80 kph, which loads of people totally ignore and whizz past you racing off into the distance. Then you come to a free section where the traffic is more intense, then you approach the next toll. Below, you can see us approaching the toll.

Through the toll and no traffic, magic! Now, we are already up on the 2nd floor but just look at the roads crossing above us, even higher and more terrifying...

Heading off into the distance with not a car in sight; they are all below us, in their masses...

and now it's time to descend, here we are dropping down off the 2nd floor. You can see the big hotels on Reforma to the right.

Down into the traffic and the trees - civilisation! And the 2nd floor looming above it all.

Getting closer to the big hotels, the Hyatt in the distance. There are loads of trees and green areas in Mexico City, although the grass here looks a bit parched. 

Under an underpass and emerging to the sight of a Telcel ad with a couple taking a selfie, perfectly designed to fit the narrow building.

And into the streets of Polanco, stopped at a traffic light, the electricity and cabletv cables obstructing the view of the Polanco metro station.

And then onto the street called Ejercito Nacional, full of trees with new bright green new leaves just coming out.

Going past the Spanish Hospital and Convention Center...

… and closing in on our destination, the upmarket shopping centre Antara, this is the main entrance. Our meeting is in the office tower above (not seen here). 

And round the back of Antara the view of the Soumaya Museum, on the left the wierd shape building owned by Carlos Slim, richest man in the world, that houses his art collection and bears the name of his now deceased wife. As well as the beige coloured brand new Jumex Collection Museum (designed by British architect David Chipperfield).  

So we made it easily, thanks to the 2nd floor of the Periferico, and all our 3 meetings progressed very well, in different places but all in the area known as Polanco. Hope you enjoyed the ride!


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