Terrible accident


I spent all day in Mexico City yesterday. 
Before setting off, I had seen on the El Universal website that there was a bad accident, on the south side of the motorway between Cuernavaca and Mexico which, in theory, would not affect us. However, we saw it and it was ghastly. It was a tanker of tar that had crashed somehow and burst into flames spreading tar on the motoway and burning everything around it, including a number of very mature pine trees. The driver unfortunately died and it was a miracle that noone else was affected. Needless to say the traffic going south was backed up for miles. 
When you see such terrible accidents you really appreciate the fragility of life and how we absolutely have to make most of what we have left. Learning to live in the present too is the key. When we got there the tanker had been removed but the traffic still couldn't pass so was being directed on to our side of the motorway. 
Fortunately, the rest of our day in Mexico City went without hitch, we didn't get lost (thank you GPS) and our meetings went really well. 

More people die on Mexican roads than for any other reason, including organised crime, drug wars, illnesses, etc. Makes you realise that driving is so damn risky here. Crazy times. 


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