Bones and muscles

It's been a strange week dominated by a pain in my back. I managed to pull muscles in my lower back, the lumbar region, last Sunday, just by bending down. I could feel it go, horrible and painful. 

I called my friend Pety who is a myotherapist. She is a brilliant person who works in the mornings with children who suffer from cerebral palsy and helps them learn how to control their limbs and become more independent in terms of walking, feeding themselves, etc. She and a group of other myotherapists who all work together do extraordinary work and are in high demand. 

In the afternoons she treats people like me who are falling apart…! Anyway, she came over to my house and got busy with her elbow and thumbs and despite the pain it was really good and made me feel better. I went again to her the following day and had another session and slowly but surely I have begun to feel better. Today Friday, I am more cheerful than I was. Which is good as I am going to Mexico City tomorrow!

It's very common in Mexico to go to a huesero or a sobadero when you have aches and pains. These are people who sort out your bones (huesos) by rubbing (sobar) and massaging and pulling you back into shape; it's a traditional form of healing that goes back centuries. They push bones back into the proper place and help cure fractures… Needless to say they have no qualification other than what they have learnt on the way and run their services from their front rooms. They say that it's not necessary to study, you either have the gift or not.  People queue up to see them to get their bones sorted. There are hueseros and sobaderos in every town in Mexico and they are always busy.

I have never been to one, too chicken to do so, it scares the living daylights out of me. I prefer the myotherapy which concentrates on working on the muscles, rather than the bones. As you can see from this photo above it's damn painful! I love the cat in the photo….


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