10 years ago we marched ...


10 years ago we marched through the streets of Mexico City, hundreds of thousands of us all dressed in white, marching to show our indignation and fury over the terrible number of kidnappings and other violent crimes that were taking place back then. It was a highly emotional, charged event, with people holding placards with photos of their loved ones on them, or wearing t shirts with photos and messages specially printed on them. We moved on in silence, walking all along Reforma, to Avenida Juarez and then all the way up to the Zocalo (main square). As far as the eye could see more and more people stretching out in front and behind us, all in white, all in silence. We walked and walked and walked. It was reported around the world. Most of us there were people directly affected by someone having disappeared, someone having been murdered, someone being held at that very moment.

10 years ago and back then we were asking for protection, for action, for support. We got nowhere, the situation is actually worse now than it was then. Everybody knows someone who has been kidnapped, or murdered, or assaulted. Everybody I know has had something of that nature happen to them at some stage in their lives. And yet Mexico is not the worst country in the world for violence and kidnapping, there are plenty of others with worse statistics than our own. However, what happens here is what affects us, we only care about our own and for some families the pain will never go away. We were one of the lucky families.

10 years ago and the memory never fades.


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