Brazil 2014: The World Cup has started

The World Cup has started today in Brazil. The waiting is now over and the first game is taking place and then we are on a rollercoaster until the end, in a month's time when one victorious country will be screaming with delight. I shall be supporting both Mexico and England, of course, and will suffer with both teams, probably up to and certainly not beyond the quarter finals. The first game for Mexico is tomorrow at 11 am and so we are all going to one of the guy's house to cheer along the national team. We shall have to make up the time off work….. hmmmmmm

Needless to say over here football mania has set in and there is so much stuff flying around on internet, so many videos to see, jokes to share, comments both serious and non-serious. There is nothing we don't know about any player of any team, should we look for it we will find it. The spotlight is seriously on and shining bright. Meanwhile Brazil is in chaos. The Mexican team were supposed to go by bus to their first training session and the bus wouldn't start so they ended up going by a fleet of taxis. Then Lula, ex president of Brazil, said something insulting about Mexico, that Mexico is way behind Brazil and do things not half as well as Brazil, and of course there was a massive outpouring in the media of outrage. However, there is no question that Mexicans are supporting Brazil against Croatia, it's the latin american spirit. 

There has been plenty of comment about the cost of this World Cup, how there are 37 million brazilians living in poverty and what about them. There have been demonstrations in all the 12 cities that are hosting a stadium against the World Cup; there was a demonstration before the game today, it's probably still continuing. It's a difficult situation for Brazil and the press are sparing noone by reporting it all in retail. They say that Dilma Rousseff's popularity depends on Brazil's performance, even the next general election result will depend on the outcome. The building of the 12 stadiums has been difficult too, with delays and  overspending and even some people have died in the process. Some of the stadiums have no future above and beyond their use for this World Cup. Someone should talk to the brazilians about sustainability. Apparently the message of the mediocre inauguration show was about protecting the Earth. Hmmm.

Oh well, we shall be living, eating and breathing football from now on, here's to a good World Cup, may England and Mexico do well… fingers crossed. 

And I leave you with a lovely photo of an elephant playing football!

with thanks to Wonders of Wildlife, fighting against all forms of animal abuse


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