Pineapple of the year

I usually manage to grow one pineapple a year and the one this year is about ready to eat this weekend. Here it is in all its glory. It's when you grow them that you realise just what is involved in growing pineapples, more than anything else: time! They take ages but when the fruit appears it is very satisfying. Eating it is a delight as the taste is unlike any other pineapple: it's so sweet, juicy, fresh, delicious, a real treat. I then plant the top back in the pot and wait all over again for the new pineapple. 

Behind the pineapple is my rather overgrown pond, which is a seething mass of plant, fish and insects, a complete ecosystem of life. 

I do have other pineapple plants growing and they look healthy enough but so far have produced nothing. It's a waiting game. 

These two look like different types of pineapple judging by the colour of the leaves, hopefully they will produce something soon. 


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