Surrounded by tropical storms and World Cup all over and done with

This is the weather that is threatening Mexico right this minute, a couple of very large tropical storms are hitting us on from the Pacific: Douglas and Elida. While Arthur has started up today over on the other side, hitting Florida. This is why we are getting so much rain and why it's really quite chilly today. A low of 13C and a high of 23C is not exactly tropical weather. 

Anyway, this weather is probably affecting the general mood of everyone over here since our World Cup chances have now been completely dashed. Everyone was really upset and indignant about the final score in the game against Holland on Sunday, with Robben claiming and winning a penalty that clearly wasn't right. Oh well, that's football and so that is that for this time round. The team returned to Mexico last night as heroes, naturally. Shame England didn't earn the same respect on their return home. 

It's quite interesting to consider the different nations and their footballing feelings. Football is a passion for many Mexicans and supporting the national team a clear duty. Every game is watched and celebrated, analysed and relived. The manager Miguel Herrera is still talking about being unfairly treated by 3 different referees and everyone agrees with him. He did really well since he only took over a few weeks before the World cup started and yet Mexico played their heart out. It's a shame they didn't beat Holland, finally, but that's the name of the game. Heroes they are, especially the goal keeper Memo Ochoa and the manager Herrera. As for England, the team was heavily criticised back home, the guys were made to feel they had let the country down. They say that they had everything except football, the criticism was pretty heavy duty. As for the Brazilians, football is everything. Losing a game is not a possibility, winning is a duty and imperative. Not winning the World cup at home will be a national disaster and may even effect the outcome of the next presidential election. In general, the European teams are finding it a struggle to continue. Germany only just got thro yesterday, Spain has gone home, England of course, also Portugal, and France did Ok to beat Nigeria. I am still thinking that it will be a Brazil Germany final but who knows?  

I must say that right now I am not that interested in the football. We really felt bad for Mexico…


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