The Angel of Independence

This week I was in Mexico City for a couple of new business meetings and the second one was in Reforma. Paseo de la Reforma is one of the main streets in the centre of Mexico City which has lots of tall buildings and hotels along part of it, while another part has the zoo, the Contemporary Art Museum and the famous Anthropology Museum. Reforma has several main features along its length and probably one of the most famous and loved is this one, the Angel of Independence. We had come out on to the 7th floor of the building where we were to have our meeting and as we got out of the lift we came face to face with the Angel, so here she is, taken from the lobby. It was a beautiful day, with white clouds scudding through the sky and everyone was enjoying the sunshine and in a good mood. 

The Angel was built by Porfirio Diaz who placed the first stone in 1902. It was inaugurated in 1910 to commemmorate the 100th anniversary of Mexico's independence and it is today the place where Mexicans go to celebrate football triumphs or to demonstrate or protest against something. In this photo you can see the circular base of the monument and it is here that everyone gathers. It is also a roundabout and traffic races round it in both directions…..

It did in fact fall over in 1957 in a strong earthquake but was replaced and strengthened to sustain pretty much anything. 

We left an hour or so later and headed up Reforma to start our long treck home but since it was still quite early we got back with no trouble at all. The next day, however, this same area was full of demonstrations and we would never have got to our meetings. We were lucky!

One last photo of the sky and the tall buildings in Paseo de la Reforma. 

And while we are on the subject of anniversaries we, i.e. Ideograma, did the identity of the 200th anniversary of independence which coincided with the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution in 2010.  This is what we did:

It was all over the country on signs, on buildings, on coins and notes, on cars, on all government buildings, on line and everywhere. We, quite justifably, felt very proud. 


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