Unexpected hailstorm

These are photos of hailstones on my lawn! 

I couldn't believe it when the other day I was driving home, trying to beat the rain that I could see was coming my way. Needless to say I got stuck behind a load of scared drivers who were going at 20 kph as the heavens opened and the sky lit up with sheet after sheet of lightening, accompanied by massive claps of thunder. 

When I finally got home after driving through raging rivers and puddles that resembled lakes, I found my garden full of hail. I realised something was odd as there was so much vegetation on the road, so many green leaves just lying there covering the roads where I live. It must have been really local as I didn't experience the hall as I was driving, just found it when I got home. 

I remember a couple of other times when it hailed here but it's really unusual. The damage back then was far worse but even so these small hailstones did quite a lot of damage, mostly ripping leaves off the trees and making holes in the larger leaves. I've taken a few photos to show the damage. the good thing is that here everything grows so fast that it will all recover quite quickly. 

This is my poor pond, the water lilies took it pretty badly and you clearly see the damage here. The amazing thing is that a new leaf had already come out right after the hail stopped. And the flower was fine!

This next photo is the plomería, I think it's called, that was ripped apart.

And the poor helioconias were literally sliced all the way along their leaves. Amazing. You can see how the leaves should be, there's a new one opening on the left.

This is what my front yard looked like after the hail…

And just to show how nature is alive and kicking in my garden here's a baby primavera who the other day was either shoved out of the family nest or his mother was giving him flying lessons. Either way, he stood in my front yard for ages looking pretty shocked!


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