The colours of October


Mexican gardens are full of colour at the best of times but right now there are even more. It's definitely my favourite time of year as the countryside begins to turn yellow with so much wild cempazuchitl and wild sunflowers, it's beautiful. Having said that, there's a big danger to all the flowers specially grown for the end of this month (Hallowe'en, Day of the Dead) because it hasn't stopped rainiing yet. In fact, it's pouring down outside as I write this, it hasn't stopped since the last week of September and now well into October. We can hear the water crashing down the ravine just the other side of the wall of our garden here at the office so the amount of rainfall must be huge. Colleagues from the office tried to get to Mexico City today and failed. Well, that's not true, they did get there, despite 2 huge accidents, and even got through the toll but that was as far as they got. So they had to come back. A waste of 3 hours. 

So in order to forget the disappearance of 43 young students in the neighbouring state of Guerrero and bodies turning up in a mass grave, and the accidents on the motorway, and the rain turning everything into a quagmire, I thought I would cheer myself up with a few photos that I took yesterday. Sunday it didn't rain so I had a chance to wander around and feel the humidity and admire the beauty of all my plants. This is what I am sharing with you today.

Calendulas still flowering, as they have been now for 2 months.

a bee captured feeding on the flower of the anturio plant 

one of the first cempazuchitl .in my garden this year

this orchid just keeps on flowering, amazing
and the swallows ready for the journey south, a few more this year, after having virtually none for several years.

So much rain that this stone has gone completely green, beautiful moss


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