20 November, Día de la Revolución 2014


Having spent many years of my working life dedicated to either working in or teaching public relations what's happening with the president at the moment is an interesting case study. Part of any PR programme is the issue of crisis control, being prepared for a crisis and to know well beforehand what to do. So far the government has totally failed to convert the current situation into an opportunity. Instead it's turned it all into a resounding failure and the result is a worsening crisis, which may yet turn into something even greater. People are very very angry. 

Today is 20 November, Día de la Revolución, and normally the government organizes a military march past in the zocalo of Mexico City. In towns and cities round the country marches are organized, many schools take part with marching bands and flags and it's a day of remembrance of what happened in this country just over 100 years ago. This year, no military march past in Mexico City, it's been cancelled because of all the demonstrations. Just marches one after the other right through the morning and now another big one this 

afternoon, leaving from the Angel of Independence at 6 pm, all heading towards the zocalo. There have been serious scuffles between demonstrators and police outside the airport this morning and no doubt there will be more reports soon of other happenings. These marches, as well as others with thousands of people participating in major towns all over Mexico, are because of the insecurity, the disappearance of the 43 in Ayotzinapa and the massive amount of missing or dead for which there has never been an explanation. So instead of a day remembering what happened in 1910 it is, so far, more of a day remembering the thousands and thousands of missing or murdered people.

At lunchtime I had to go down the motorway south for a bit and I saw about 30 coaches going north, all with the names of the villages from the state of Guerrero where they had come from. These people travelling to Mexico City are now at the Angel waiting to march. 

One of my ex students wrote to me today to say that she had thought of me because of how badly the government is handling the crisis. She obviously learnt something from me! Always a relief to know that something you teach actually gets through and stays in the best students. We would have had a laugh about it if it weren't so serious. 


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