Cold weather   people in Mexico City this morning, where it's even colder!

It’s that time of year when we really feel the cold. Sounds weird for us in Mexico where the sun shines every day but that’s the way it is. Boiling hot in the sun, a max temperature of about 25 to 28C every day but inside the houses are freezing. When I left my house this morning it was 9C, by the time I got to the office it was 15C, but that was outside, in the sunshine. I am now ensconced in my office with boots, socks, sweaters and wrapped up in scarves, and the heater on. I’m about to go outside and stand in the sun for a bit, I can hardly move I have so many layers on.

This is the time of year when I think about installing a water heater again. I haven’t used hot water for years now, and shower in cold water. But on days like this I begin to think I should go back to hot or warm showers….The air was blue with my swearing as I had the fastest shower ever this morning. It was so cold… but I did feel great afterwards.

The news today is all about the discovery of more and more clandestine mass graves in Guerrero. In fact, somebody somewhere said the whole state is just one big grave, it’s truly appalling. Families who have not dared to say anything or report missing sons, daughters, uncles, fathers, cousins and friends are now beginning to speak. They are taking comfort from the number of families affected, they feel safer as a group, and are now working to uncover the places where they think they might find people. There are so many stories of people being taken away, of terrible screams at night, of groups of people disappearing into the hills under cover of darkness with only a few returning later. The stories just keep on coming. Today, however, is a day of expectation, because the President is to make a statement this evening on the subject of security. There have been endless hints dropped by ministers but no one really knows what he will say, what he will do, what can be done. It will be interesting to see if a viable solution is presented. Meanwhile, the blockages on the motorways are continuing, as are the taking over of toll booths, the marches in Mexico City, the anger of the people in general. On 20 November there were lots of marches in the capital, as I mentioned earlier, and 11 people were arrested after some scuffles or something. Now people are marching to get them set free. One of them just happens to be from Chile, a doctorate student at the national university, so there is also diplomacy going on. Yet another mess.

Here in Morelos people keep on being murdered too. If the local red rag is to be believed bodies pop up all over the place. The man on the tope (speed bump) waves the paper in your face as you drive by and many stop to buy a copy. The front page inevitably has a dead body on it, or parts thereof, and I have to avert my eyes from the full colour goriness of it all. So morbid, so unnecessary. This is what children see on their way to school, every single day.

It’s 2 months today since those 43 student teachers went missing. We still don’t know what happened to them.


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