Photos of the marches on 20 November 2014

From a major national daily, the march starting out from the Monumento de la Revolución, seen in the distance, the photos the faces of some of the 43 missing students
from MVS Noticias, a photo of the number 43
also from MVS Noticias, the faces of the 43 from Ayotzinapa, still missing....

From the national daily paper La Jornada, this photo which says, Sorry for the disturbance but they are killing us. 

from máspormás onTwitter, the zócalo in Mexico City right now, the cathedral in the background as the people are gathering, on the right the National Palace whose door was burnt down the other day. The zócalo is one of the biggest squares in the world.

This is a photo from Epigmenio Ibarra (tv producer) who is marching right now. The Angel de Independencia in the background. Many many people.

another photo from Epigmenio Ibarra, it says: the 43, where are they? Everyone wants an answer to that question. 

So Mexico is marching right now and the people will converge on the zócalo and we have to hope that nothing untoward happens. It's a highly charged day. 


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