Elections and football

ex national team footballer a candidate in Cuernavaca
We’ve got elections coming up, yet again. It’s already boring and it’s only just begun… 

This time they are local elections here in the state of Morelos, deputies, mayors and senators, etc. In some states the elections include a change of governor. They happen in June and July and already the campaigns have been launched so there is going to be months of all this… 

The advertising campaigns on radio and television are incredible. The ruling party says things like the country is on the road to success, the reforms are changing our lives for the better, violent crime is down and everything is hunky-dory. Immediately after comes one of the opposing parties that says things like the country is going to the dogs, everyone is corrupt and should go to prison, the insecurity is dreadful and getting worse and we’re heading for economic disaster. The other parties say pretty much the same thing and all have differing views on how to drag Mexico screaming out of the hole.  Fortunately I don’t have to vote so don’t have to make a decision but it’s hard for the electorate when there isn’t much to get excited about.
and this is Cuauhtemoc Blanco as a player of football, not politics
The big news last week in Cuernavaca was the announcement by footballer Cuauhtémoc Blanco, ex Mexico player and much loved at the time, who is to run as a candidate for the Partido Social Democratico for mayor of Cuernavaca (see photo at top). That certainly made national news and gave the PSD a bit of a boost, since most people don’t know much about this rather small political party, nor what they stand for. It also gave many commentators reason to laugh… What El Cuauh knows about politics is anyone’s guess. But then again, what any politician knows about politics is also anyone's guess...

Soon we shall have posters and walls painted by the political parties all over the place and once again a huge amount of money (our tax money, I might add) will be spent on the campaigns. It’s all a bit depressing when in the neighbouring state of Guerrero, where those 43 students disappeared, there are not too many people who want to govern the state. Somebody will have to and I suppose there is always someone whose political ambition gets the better of him. 

Meanwhile, the son of the ex governor of Guerrero (who had to resign in the face of the disappearance of the students and who was obviously involved in organized crime) has announced he is standing to become mayor of Acapulco. Noone has said anything against his intentions so I suppose that is that. He has the same name as his father and probably and possibly the same inclinations. Only time will tell. 


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