Elections over, finally...

"For weeks the Goliaths of Mexican politics bombarded the airwaves with advertisements so dreary they made you want to leave the country". 
This is a quote from The Economist, and how right the author of the article is. The election campaigns have been going on for months and months and we were all sick and tired of the awful ads online, on air and on tv. Just appalling. Even more appalling the murder of 7 candidates, endless rioting and who knows what types of intimidation, up and down the country. But eventually last Sunday everyone voted, or some people voted, and many went to exercise their right without knowing who to vote for; many went to vote with the intention of ruining their voting ballot as a sign that they considered no one was worth voting for. For those who did use their vote it was a case of voting for the least worst, they were disgusted with the offer. 

The results were interesting in that they showed up the fragility of the system. We now have the ex footballer Cuauhtemoc Blanco as our next mayor of Cuernavaca, when no one gave him a chance of winning. It turns out that behind him is one of the more evil figures in Cuernavaca politics, an ex mayor of Cuernavaca who bled the city dry 3 years ago. No doubt he needs to refill his coffers and so will be taking up a position in El Cuauh's government, even though he denies it. But we know that he is a very good liar. And since footballing is the new mayor's thing and politics not so much, he will need to use people who do know something. Undoubtedly, there is a long line of the worst type of politician pacing around outside his office. 

Cuernavaca's new mayor
Another interesting result was the success of the very first independent candidates, notably the new governor of northern state Monterrey, a horse-riding thrice married man with 6 children, who comes from farming stock, and who despite supporting the PRI all his life finally left disgusted and ran a social media campaign to great effect as an independent and won the popular vote. His nickname is El Bronco, and the media love him. He's got those rugged telenovela looks that the country loves. 

Another independent candidate, and only 25 years old, won the mayorship of Guadalajara, Mexico's second biggest city. He ran a campaign on practically no money and won support through creative use of Facebook and other social media sites. Everyone was amazed.

The other result of import has to do with the gains won by the young party Morena, led by Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador, who twice has run for president and hopes to run again in 2018. He is against all of the current president's reforms and may prove disruptive in the senate and at local level. 

Meanwhile, the education minister is doing an incredibly bad job and saying one thing one day and another thing the next and everyone is criticizing him to the nth degree. Basically the problem he has to deal with is the evaluation of teachers' competency levels and he has achieved very little in this area.We all know that teachers need a lot of training, many of them are next to useless, hence the state of education in this country. But with the unions fiercely supporting their members the government has a high wall to knock down. Needless to say,  the education reform is hindered and who knows what will happen. Meanwhile, teachers are still marching on a daily basis somewhere or other, about something or other... It's a never ending story.

marching teachers this week in Mexico City


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