Colours in my garden right now

one of my orchids, so elegant

The weather has been so unusual this summer that we are seeing more colours than normal in July/August. Normally the rain falls with such force that the bougainvilleas lose all their flowers and other plants suffer too. But since nothing is "normal" anymore then this is what we can expect now. Climate change is here to stay, that's for sure. 

Anyway, herewith a couple of orchids, a ladybird that appeared all of a sudden on the table outside, butterflies and calendulas.
a ladybird that flew up to the table
Ladybirds are different here, they seem to be a different red than in England... or maybe that's just me!

more orchids, 3 at once from the same pod, almost obscene
These orchids are extraordinary. These 3 flowers came out of one pod, normally I get 2 but sometimes 3, they are amazing and only last a couple of days. They look unreal.

a butterfly feeding on the pollen of a calendula
The calendulas have flowered months early. They are one of the traditional flowers used in the Day of the Dead celebrations along with cempasuchitl, etc. But I have loads right now, no use to me in November. However, I have scattered some more seeds around the garden so hopefully they will keep going until at least October...

another butterfly in the calendulas
...and the butterflies are beautiful, all different types and colours and happy in the garden, also dragonflies and bees. 

a corner of my pond
And this is just a corner of my pond, variations of the colour purple. This is where the dragonflies are truly happy.


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