An update

Piccadilly with the Heatherwick buses en masse

High time to write an update... Lots seem to have been going on. 

  • I was in the UK in June/July for just over 3 weeks, which was sublime
  • I went to the Hebrides for the first time, and loved it, despite the filthy weather; inspired by Robert Macpharlane's book The Old Ways
  • I've had my Scottish niece and her boyfriend to stay for 10 days in September, which was really great
  • It's been raining a lot, really a lot
  • My best friend F has just lost her 94 year old mother; F and I have been friends for 55 years so that's how long I knew her mother too. Today we are to celebrate her life
  • The President is the least popular president in many a year
  • I cancelled Cablemas as the service was such crap so now do not watch TV, instead I have rediscovered BBC Radio and all it has to offer (listening to Radio 3 right now) plus Netflix
  • I celebrated my birthday with a lunch here with all my best friends and while my niece was here
  • England won the Ashes. Yes!
  • England just went out in the first round of the Rugby World Cup, gutted...
  • I have discovered that watching sport is fun at the weekend, to recover from all the bad news during the week
  • The streets of Cuernavaca are appalling, full of holes and ditches and speed bumps; no one can go at a decent speed these days
  • There is no decent news station to listen to any more, now that Carmen Aristegui has been forced off the air. We have no idea what's going on any more
  • There is no end in sight to the misery of the parents of the missing 43 students; a new report says that they could not have been incinerated as the attorney general said they were, so where are they?
  • More journalists have been shot dead
  • There is very little freedom of speech, anyone who digs a little deeper to find out the truth is got rid of
  • The drug wars continue unabated, the bodies still piling up
  • Foreign companies are buying up the rights to exploit the hydrocarbons available in this country, ie. fracking, natural gas, open mining for minerals, etc. They will have carte blanche to destroy the countryside, the ecosystems, and upset the local communities
  • Oh and VW have been poisoning the world for years, it seems, with their diesel powered cars. No one cares, or do they?
  • Business is slow, the economy is slow, we are pushing for new business and it's tough.
So life goes on and we get older and begin to realize that we are getting slower. I'm always really tired come Friday, especially if I've been to Mexico City once or twice. I consider myself lucky to have a job and still enjoy it. No sign of selling my house. Will I have to rethink my retirement? 


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